This where we shine! Some property management companies do not offer leasing and rentals. With RICH Homes Management you are in luck, we are also Realtors! RHM is a branch of RICH Homes of Florida an International real estate company with over 20 years of experience in the real estate market in south Florida.

We provide detailed market analysis and comparables so that owners can know what the rent value of their apartment is. No one knows better than us how much a property can be rented for. This is what we do on a daily basis, and we are really good at what we do.

If the property is vacant, we advertise on multiple websites that your property is for rent. We schedule showings , run background and credit checks on the tenant, fill out rental applications , verify references , contact previous landlord of tenant to make sure that we get the best possible tenant for your property.

Also we make sure that every offer we receive has an escrow deposit and that all documents are completed and signed. If there is no valuable consideration then the contract is not valid or enforceable which is why we require an escrow deposit on all offers. Only after all the correct documents are acquired, we then present the offer to the owner to review. We know that your time is important and we are not here to waste anyone’s time. Once we confirm that the offer is good and complete, only then will we presented it. We will never present to any owner an offer that is not completely kosher.

We work with other realtors directly to get your property rented as soon as possible. We charge 10% of the gross value of the lease as commission to find a new tenant for your property. This 10% is equally divided between however many realtors are involved in the deal.

Also we take care of righting the lease and getting all parties to sign so to have a fully executed contract. All of our leases require first month, last month and 1 month of security deposit unless otherwise stated by the property owner.

If the property is not vacant and has a tenant, then we will organize showing with the current tenant and schedule for other prospects to come view the property. Every lease we right requires tenants to notify us 45-60 days before the end of their lease if they plan on renewing. If not then, as a mandatory part of our leasing contracts, tenants must allow showings in the last 30 days of their tenancy as long as we provide them with 24 hours’ notice prior to showing day. This ensures that we find a new tenant before the current tenant moves out. We know very well that time is money so every day we do not have the property rented is money lost. The majority of the time, we already have a new tenant ready to move in right after the previous tenant moves out.

Our realtors have the best negotiation skills in the game. Rentals is the game, and closing is our name.

  • Write lease contracts
  • Work with other realtors
  • File all documents with association
  • Close the deal.


Now this is going to shock you. We do not charge renewal commissions! Yes it’s true, because we are just that great; we take care of all lease renewals in house no fuss.

Also every year before renewing any lease, we perform a market analysis to see if we can raise the rent. If the market has gone up and the property can be rented higher, then we make all accommodations and negotiate with the tenant to get the owner the highest possible income for their property.