Like we always say, hope for the best but plan for the worst. Home owners insurance is vital in any rental property. You never know what will happen so it is always a good idea to get home owners insurance.

Again because we are the best, we have contacts with many different types of insurance companies and we can provide you several different insurance quotes. We can issue insurance payments on your behalf by deducting from the rent and also make sure that your insurances are renewed on time.

Not only do we manage insurance policies we also take care of insurance claims! If ever there is any type of major damage to a property where we must involve the insurance company, we are there for you from beginning to end. We submit the claim for on your behalf, schedule with the tenant and insurance adjuster and follow up daily with the insurance company to make sure you get paid. No longer do you have to stay on the phone through wait time just to file your claim; RICH Homes Management does all the heavy lifting for you.

Once we receive money from the insurance company we take it upon ourselves to make sure all the repairs are done in a timely manner and as well with new and original parts if needed. We were not joking when we say we go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients.